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Persley Advisors leverages the power of Cultural Competence to support leaders and organizations in maximizing their impact

What we do

Our Approach

We help organizational leaders optimize their impact by unlocking and leveraging the superpowers of their talent through leadership coaching, training, and the creation and execution of strategic projects.

Our approach centers on Cultivating Cultural Competence, which drives optimal organizational results.

Persley Advisors helps organizations drive talent and leadership development through comprehensive support, customized tools,  and training that holistically transform leadership and organizational practices.

Our Services

We support with the creation and execution of events, programs, and initiatives that strategically align with leaders’ organizational mission, vision, and goals.

Persley Advisors provides strategies and supports for clients that are intentionally customized for the specific needs and points of impact of each client. Persley Advisors consistently measures impact and uses data while leveraging key stakeholder feedback to guide project development and execution.

Persley Advisors provides leadership coaching for leaders and aspiring leaders. We coach around high-impact strategies, tools, and mindsets that allow leaders to effectively lead their teams and achieve transformational personal and organizational goals that positively impact outcomes for themselves, those they lead, and the organization at large.

Dr. Brown Persley and her team of advisors customize speaking engagement topics and training structures based on organizational needs and goals.  This includes:

  • Keynote talks and training for established and emerging leaders with customized support and strategies that accelerate realizing organizational goals.
  • In addition to custom training, we provide two hallmark training and keynote talks.
    • Delivering Dignity: A Guide to Cultivating Culturally Competent Organizations.
    • Cultivating Clarity helps leaders center on creating clear expectations for those they lead. This training and keynote talk guides leaders on developing systems to ensure strong execution and follow-through of the expectations they set forth.

Persley Advisors provides targeted organizational leadership audits to assess areas of success that can be amplified and leveraged, opportunities for improvement, and suggestions for innovation within the organization. 

Our Work and Impact

Our Vision:

We envision a world in which leaders are empowered to recognize, cultivate, and leverage the superpowers of their talent and receive the strategic support they need to meet transformative mission-aligned goals.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to support organizational leaders in cultivating cultural competence by driving mission-aligned outcomes that foster dignity within themselves, their leadership, their organizations, and the world.

Dr. Kirsten Brown Persley on
Dignity-Centered Leadership

Dr. Kirsten Brown Persley speaks at SXSW 2024.

Delivering Dignity: A Guide to Cultivating Culturally Competent Organizations

by Dr. Kirsten Brown Persley

Dr. Kirsten Brown Persley

Founder and CEO, Persley Advisors

Dr. Kirsten Brown Persley is the author of Delivering Dignity:  A Guide to Cultivating Cultural Competence and the Founder and CEO of Persley Advisors, a strategic advising firm that focuses on supporting organizational leaders through strategic project support, training, consulting, and coaching rooted in the power of cultural competence. She has over a decade of experience leading transformative initiatives rooted in dignity and cultural competence.

Kirsten Brown Persley formerly served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit in Kansas City, where she led a successful relaunch of the Kansas City market and led strategies and initiatives to increase cultural competence, diversity, and belonging in corporations and small and mid-size businesses.

Before working as a nonprofit leader, Dr. Brown Persley served as a Founding Principal for five years. As a founding school leader, Dr. Brown Persley managed a team of teachers, support staff members, and administrators, and she launched two school concepts. During her tenure, she helped the school secure funding. She also developed innovative programs that fostered community engagement, strategic partnerships, and authentic/real-world learning opportunities for students and staff, all while fostering a staff and student culture rooted in dignity and cultural competence.

Dr. Brown Persley earned a doctorate from the University of Kansas (KU) in May 2023. During her time at KU, she studied and researched effective leadership.

In 2021, Dr. Brown Persley was recognized as a NextGen Leader by the
Kansas City Business Journal, and she was selected as an official speaker at SXSW 2024.

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